Why traditional art matters

The debate on digital and traditional art has been a long standing one ever since the creation and development of digital devices. Digital art requires just as much skill and effort as traditional art creation but they both need a different mode of thinking.

Digital devices will give you all sorts of composition, colors, brushed, shadows and more but the traditional art technique gives you a chance to explore a deeper understanding of the materials and the tools.

Here is why you should not dismiss traditional art creation when seeking to learn more about art in this digital era.

You get a hands-on experience

Most artist would agree that creating traditional art is quite different to creating digital art in so many different ways. With traditional art, you learn how to manipulate different brush types with your hands as well as your eyes to create different strokes and designed. This provides you with a more tactile and physical experience when it comes to art creation.

This experience helps you gain a deeper understanding of how the materials are used. Physical art creation is best for eye-hand coordination, cognitive skills, motor skills as well as depth perception.

You get to create pieces that are unique

Some of the most famous art pieces were traditionally made hundreds of years ago. The handmade nature of a piece of art somehow makes it more authentic. Each creation made by the artist is unique/ one of a kind which increases it value.

Digital art pieces are produced and shared instantly on different platforms, which means several people will have access to the art in just a few minutes. This explains why traditional art pieces are more valuable to digital art creations. Basically, no one artist will be able to replicate or duplicate your art piece and make money out of it.

The versatility both digital art forms and traditional art techniques allow the artist to create pieces using different medium.  Traditional art creation has more medium compared to digital art creation. You can use more mediums to create different results with the traditional techniques.  The outcome on a digital art piece is always a clean finished product with defined lines and shapes while you never know what to expect with traditional techniques.

Critical thinking and forced problem solving

When you make mistakes during art creation on a digital platform, you can always click on the undo button for a redo. Mistakes made on the digital platform are easy to erase. This feature has the ability to restrict critical thinking and problem solving when it comes to art creation.

This is where traditional art creation takes the win. This art form does not have room for mistakes. When you make one, you are forced to think of a way out to make the piece of art stand out even with its flaws otherwise you will have to create a new piece from scratch.

Final word

As an artist, I would advocate that all artists regardless of the styles they use, should make an effort to learn both traditional and digital art creation.