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Albert Handell - Pastel
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Bill Hosner: Painting The Figure En Plein Air 2 DVD Set

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Running Time:
2 1/2 Hours


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A new, exciting video from Artist Productions!! Join Bill as he paints a figure en plein air. From start to finish he demonstrates the art in the effects of outdoor light, his unique pastel style, pastel color  choices, the importance of drawing, and more. Then go back to the studio with Bill for a second DVD full of Special Bonus Materials.

To be witness to Bill painting is to understand why he was placed here on earth. It is when he is painting that he finds his greatest joy.

In the meticulous and honest evaluation of all that surrounds him Bill is humbled by his attempt to grasp the truth of what he sees. With pure pigments of pastel in hand, Bill  transforms paper into a breath, a moment in time when all is right with the world and time is transcendent.

Join Bill for 2 1/2 hours of technique, demonstration
and bonus materials on this two DVD set.

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