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Bob Rohm - Autumn Flow - Pastel

No Longer Available
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Watch and listen as Bob develops the pastel painting from the first strokes to the final accents. This is an excellent video for all levels of pastel artists.

He explains and demonstrates the complete process that he follows to create a pastel landscape. Bob begins with hard pastels to establish the design and color harmony. Next he scrubs the hard pastel with mineral spirits to create the undertone and begins layering with soft pastel. He explains how to see masses rather than line - and form instead of detail. See how to accurately simplify colors and values of the major shapes. Aerial perspective, color harmony, lost and found edges, the principles of painting water and accent strokes are just a few of the many topics Bob talks about as he works.

“Bob Rohm’s video is the next best thing to being there. His straight-forward, unaffected delivery of information creates a sense of intimacy, as if the viewer were in the studio, listening while he talks and watching him paint.”—Editor,The Pastel Journal (#25)

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