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Ann Templeton: Abstracting The Landscape in Pastel

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Running Time: 1hr 35min

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Clean, vivid transparent hues contrasted with opaque passages of light tints of color are the hallmarks of Annís expressive oil paintings. 

In this video, award-winning artist and workshop instructor, Ann Templeton demonstrates her unique style of painting.  She begins by explaining the choices of colors on her palette and the working characteristics of each.  Next she discusses brushes and technique.  As she begins the painting we see and learn her concepts behind ďabstracting the landscapeĒ.  Masses, line direction, value, intensity, the push and pull of color, brushwork, surface mixing, and painting mediums are all important elements that she covers.  She also talks about locating the center of interest and controlling the visual movement by linking darks, lights, hues and the opacity of paint.

Annís warm and friendly personality is evident as she leads the viewer through each phase of the painting.  Her creativity is understated but clearly evident as she explains how to simplify and abstract the landscape.

This video is an excellent example of Annís work and her process of painting.  It is also an invaluable tool for anyone interesting in learning how to simplify and creatively express the landscape.

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