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Albert Handell - Pastel

Early Spring
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Early Spring with Albert Handell - Pastel

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Mr. Handell clearly demonstrates his pastel painting technique by first using watercolor as an underpainting on sanded pastel paper. He then develops the composition of 'Early Spring' using pastel and several reference photographs. In this DVD he shows how to paint the beautiful mauves and greys of winter, with the introduction of fresh verdant Spring greens. there is special emphasis demonstrating in detail how to paint the lacy branches of winter trees.

He paints and explains the layering of pastel colors and how to combine and paint with various colors of similar values to achieve luminous passages with sharp and 'sleepy edges'. In addition, Mr. Handell also demonstrates how to control vivid colors to add 'sparkle' to the finished painting, plus much more.

Considered the leading pioneer of painting on location with pastel, an extension of the pastel medium itself, Mr. Handell and his wife fellow artist Anita Louise West, demonstrate these and other techniques in Mr. Handell's nationwide on-location painting workshops: alberthandell.com

Early Spring...the masterful pastel painting of Albert Handell


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