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Hello, Welcome to artdvs.net

This is a free resource blog dedicated to providing art teachers, art creators and readers from different parts of the world with art related information. It is dedicated to providing you with both complex and basic art and art related information.

Artsdvd main focus is to connect with different artist from across the globe, interacting with them and sharing all there is to know about learning the basics of art, the complex world of art and more.

Our main mission is to guide art teachers and artist on the most basic information there is to grasp about art and grow into a complex art information website over time. Basically, we’re are here to guide you through your growth journey as an artist.

The artdvds.net team is made up of diverse members who come from different parts of the globe. Consisting of the best artist, art teachers, tech lovers, editors’ researchers and more, we work together to make sure the content is deserving of our readers. our content is based on study, research as well as experience. What better way to learn about art than from people who have lived it most of their lives? We assure you that we are extremely passionate about art and the idea of  helping more people develop artistic skills.

Editorial guidelines

Here at artdvds.net, we put our readers first by making sure the information we put out is up to date and at the very least useful in their career/studies/class. You can definitely depend on this blog to provide you with non-biased information and opinions about everything art/artistic.

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