While many view technologies as a threat to art, other artist embraced this new technique of art creation. Today, digital art has become one of the most popular and sort out art forms around the globe.

Most fear that digital art is bound to replace traditional art at the end but its much more complex. These two arts share major similarities but they are also very different. The use of digital tools is important in art because it increases your skill, creativity and artistic development #.

Here are benefits and reasons why you should introduce digital art in your classroom

Digital tools are much easier to access than traditional art equipment

Around the globe, more people have access to digital devices like phones, computers and tablets than they do artistic equipment and tools. Due to the major tech development, digital devices are not very affordable to many.

What of places where traditional art tools are available? Many argue that artistic tools like acrylic and brush are much cheaper than digital tools like tablets and laptops but that is totally not the case.

Initially, the price of the traditional art equipment may seem cheaper but it will cost you more in the long run. Art supplies depreciate over a short period of time which means you will have to keep replacing them as long as you are creating art pieces continuously.

The convenience

Imagine having to carry your art supplies and equipment back and forth from home to school and other locations? Traditional art supplies are extremely cumbersome and very inconvenient. It is not realistic to carry around your set up while traveling.

Digital art tools on the other hand are very convenient. All you need is a digital device like a tablet, phone or laptop and you are good to go. Once you have downloaded a digital art creator application, you can access all the tools needed there.  Digital art allows artist to create their art pieces from practically anywhere. This is why it is easier to develop creativity and skill faster on the digital device than on traditional canvasses.

It leads to increased productivity

There are major ways digital art can increase your productivity as an artist and business person. For one, you get to create a piece of art in significantly less time.  It could take you days or weeks to complete one traditional art piece but you could spend hours creating multiple digital art pieces.

The other is; when you make a mistake, you can always press the undo button and start over from the point before the mistake. With traditional art, mistakes mean you need to cover it, change the who concept or start a fresh and this can be really frustrating.

You can share your art pieces instantly

When you complete a digital art piece, it is instantly saved and stored on your digital device. This makes it easier for you to share your work across different platforms. You could share it to your website, blog or social media for advertisement. It increases your chances of exposure and interaction with other digital artists and potential clients.